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There she is - Ank - the lady in the picture. She is a resident at the Leger des Heils - Leidsche Maan hostel in Terwijde, Utrecht. How kind and generous the L de H is to grant her yet another chance. Of course the tax payers whose money helps to fund such hostels are in full support. Incidentally, if (rather than when) family members visit, they don't hang their coats on the back of the door out of sight. Noone can be certain if the magnetic room keys have been temporarily mislaid or deliberately loaned. Anyone could open the door silently. Ank's sister has a husband who prefers not to come to visit. Ank had her own house at some stage in the past but as this hostel's details show, it is for individuals addicted to hard drugs. Therefore the likelihood is all of Ank's income was invested in cocaine.