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Jan A van B*****

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There is a story here typical to the drugs scene. It shows how much a man will spend in order to keep his drug-addicted girlfriend. But not every attempt works where drugs are concerned - neither did this. Jan met a girl named Hannah Neslo who he tried to impress. Hannah is a chronic addict to hard drugs and a resident of Leger des Heils hostel De Hoek located in Utrecht. Jan has his own house for which he pays rent. After having been processed for addiction, Jan has to attend a recovery agency 5 days a week. In return Jan gets meals and his rent paid.

Things were better in the past however. Jan's house now is a shell filled dust and hardly any possessions. Thw carpets are full of dust, as are the curtains. Any linen will not have been changed or refreshed for years. The bathroom is filthy black and the toilet is no better. How & why did he get this way? The answer is simple; it is due to funding the cost of addiction. Jan says he spent around NLG 50,000 trying to buy sufficient for Hannah but it was never enough. As if it wasn't insult enough having cost him all that money, Hannah even to this day brings men to Jan's home so she can entertain them and further fund her addiction. Hannah will do anything and use any method to get money and nobody will stand in her way.