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Altrecht Reyhara   Reyhara

Reyhara is about 1.3 meters tall, of indian origin and lives at Lichtenberchdreef 142 in Utrecht. Don't be fooled by her small frame. What she lacks in size is compensated for by nastiness and dishonesty. If she makes your acquaintance and you accept her invitation for a drink at her home, keep your hands in your pockets. Reports include an event where a visitor was entertained with refreshments. Whilst he was being kept busy talking, his coat pockets were being searched through by an accomplice of Reyhara who had been hiding in her wardrobe in the bedroom. Is this the way to treat honest visitors to your home? Reyhara seems to always be on edge. She says her hyperactive nature is due to her regularly taking "speed" but a more accurate reason is heroin or cocaine. To ascertain what her real usage is, she can be approached when she's leaving Altrecht which she visits on a weekly basis. Or alternatiely if you would like to make an appointment to meet Reyhara, give her a call on 0648283031 ( +31648283031 )