The Dutch attitude to work and employment  


The Dutch attitude to work and employment

OECD worked   Quite simple

There is a very large gap between the way many europeans think attitudinally towards work and employment; then there is the Dutch way of thinking. The OECD produces and publishes statistics including the number of productive hours whilst at the workplace. The Dutch, in the attached table for 2016, managed a yearly average of 1420 hours. That equates to just under 7.5 hours a day, over a 4 day week. What commitment. To save eyestrain, the table shows increasing hours worked from left to right, with the position of the Dutch being the second entry. Even the Greeks managed an impressive 2000 hours. In fact the whole way of Dutch thinking towards this topic can be summed up in one sentence which is probably along the lines of "I need not bother myself with this because I have a court booked at 5-00 pm". In any case the attitude is that someone else will do it, eventually.

To an extent, the "someone else will do it attitude" worked for years but only after the influx of foreign workers for the planned but unknown Y2K preparations. Now with those foreign workers leaving The Netherlands, maybe because of the attitude taken by the smug meneer Rutte, even professional foreign people are voting with their feet. But there is an associated problem for Rutte and his government which is that those departing foreigners are taking their money with them.